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    1,5 hours



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    Scalp Science

02. Basic course in scalp science

Many hair professionals can identify scalp problems but may lack knowledge to provide assistance. If this sounds familiar, then this course is perfect for you! You'll gain a basic understanding of the skin and scalp structures and explore four of the most common scalp and hair loss conditions. With this knowledge, you can become an expert for your clients and advise them on suitable product recommendations that may have a significant impact on their scalp health. Be surprised how changing into a science-based hair routine can make a lifechanging difference. 
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What's included?

  • 5 Chapters
  • 16 Questions

Who should attend?

Hair professionals who want to grow their revenues by developing their skills and expertise to provide greater and more advanced services to a broader set of customers.

Proposed entrance requirements:

A minimum of two-year working experience in the hair salon or hair styling industry is recommended.

Jacky van Driel-Nguene

Certified Trichologist, Medical Biochemist, Science Teacher
“Medical sciences and teaching have been my passions for as long as I can remember. So, I specialised in Medical Biochemistry (Bsc Hons). I also obtained a Science Teacher’s qualification from the London Institute of Education. I have a special interest in textured hair types, hair cosmetic formulations, and the effects of their ingredients on the hair and scalp. Becoming a trichologist was a way to unite my love for science, medicine, hair, teaching, and the desire to provide help and comfort to those seeking solutions for hair and scalp concerns. Thank you for trusting in us, looking forward teaching you this course!
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